Gaisberg Flightrules

    1. Service charge

      We kindly ask you to pay the service charge of € 5,- per day that we require in order to be able to maintain all of the infrastructure necessary. You can pay this service charge in the restaurants located on the Gaisberg summit and it covers only a part of all maintenance costs that we have.

    2. Flight clearance

      The Gaisberg is located in the control zone (CTR) of the Salzburg International Airport. Therefor it is mandatory to ask for clearance one time a day. If you are the first pilot of the day please call +43 5 1703 6555 to receive flight clearance by the control tower of the airport. The permit is valid until 30 minutes before ECET.

    3. Rules & Regulations

      Please adhere strictly to these flying rules:

      • max. flightlevel is 5000ft if area Gaisberg is cleared
      • max. flightlevel is 7000ft if area Schwarzenberg is cleared
      • don’t leave these flight levels
      • only land on the designated landing zone in Salzburg Aigen (see the map in the showcase!)
      • the daily permit is valid until 30 minutes before ECET

Landing Zone Coordinates:
N 47° 46′ 51″, E 13° 05′ 22″, 440m MSL

Do not hesitate to ask local pilots for help if you have any questions.
Thank you for your appreciation.

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