About us

1. Drachenflieger- und Paragleiterclub Salzburg established in 1990. This paragliding club is also known as „Fly4Fun“. This is really a full-service organization — we provide education seminars as well as flight school, many club trips both within Austria and in other countries, competition information and preparation, all kinds of social gatherings among other „airborne“ enthusiasts, special events including festivals for various holidays, and naturally the sport itself! Not for the faint of heart, but surely for those with a lust for life! Membership costs begin at € 45 and go up depending on your needs and participation. Please contact our organization directly or on-line for more details on costs and dates, times, and addresses for meetings.

The club’s purpose is to promote paragliding fun, safety and education. To obtain and preserve flying sites and to promote a positive public image for paragliding. The club works with public and private landowners to open and preserve flying sites. It hosts various social and flying events. Monthly meetings are a place for pilots to exchange knowledge and enjoy the sport with others.

Major topics of our activities are:

  • Para- and hangglidingarea Gaisberg-mountain
  • tandemflights with expirienced pilots
  • education
  • events and trips

Enjoy your time with us !

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